Émilie Monfort is a waitress at Rieux Tavern and Scarlet Benoit's friend.

Recent events Edit

Scarlet Edit

Émilie admires Wolf, who has been eating at Rieux Tavern. She tells Scarlet about him.

Later, when Scarlet leaves to find her grandmother, Michelle Benoit, she asks Émilie to take care of the farm that Scarlet and her grandmother own. Émilie did, and later walks into the house.

Searching for Michelle Benoit, Linh Cinder and Carswell Thorne, after escaping from prison, are in the house and Émilie is frightened to the point where she faints. They question her for information.

Winter Edit

During Winter, Émilie talks to Scarlet via comm. She is still taking care of the farm for her friend, and wants to know about everything Scarlet had been through.

In Something Old, Something New, she attends Scarlet and Wolf's wedding and brings a croquembouche as dessert.


Physical attributes Edit

Carswell Thorne described Émilie as "gorgeous" and wanted to take her with him and Linh Cinder. She has "angelic blond curls."

Personality Edit

Émilie is a very trustworthy person who is loyal at heart to her friends, although she can sometimes be playful and flirtatious. Émilie appears to take an interest in baking. She acts carefree and sometimes quite ditzy.


  • Émilie’s name was originally Sophia, but Meyer changed it in the third draft because there were too many names with the 'S-sound'.
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