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Aimery Park was a thaumaturge who worked for Queen Levana and was ranked below Sybil Mira.

Recent events Edit

During Princess Winter's childhood, Aimery frequently inappropriately abused a palace servant until the servant was pregnant, causing her to kill herself. Jacin often noticed (and disliked) the way Aimery looked at the princess.

When Linh Cinder escaped from New Beijing Prison, Aimery removed Emperor Kai's ability to speak while Levana ranted to him on how he let Cinder escape.

Aimery met with Kai after the discovery of Lunar ships above Earth, and claimed they were simply there to see the sights. After the death of Sybil Mira, Aimery was promoted to head thaumaturge.

After Jacin was arrested by the Lunars, Aimery used his gift to force the guard to whip himself for being in cohorts with Cinder. Levana suggested to him that he might marry Princess Winter. Winter had no interest and refused his marriage proposal, angering both him and Levana.

Aimery discovered where Cinder was hiding, and ordered the citizens to give up her location. When Maha Kesley was found to be responsible for helping Selene, Aimery had her killed. The head thaumaturge captured Cinder soon after.

He informed Levana that the letumosis disease could now affect Lunars, and asked to deal with Winter himself, though the queen refused.

During the resulting battle, Aimery was stabbed nine times by Scarlet under Winter's control when he tried to make her strangle Jacin.

It has been speculated that Aimery is the parallel of the magic mirror in Snow White.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Aimery was said to have "dark skin and piercing eyes and no purpose... other than to stand behind his queen and look smug," according to Kai.

Personality Edit

Aimery, like Sybil Mira, was ruthless and usually committed acts of disturbance to other people's expense. He exhibited those traits by blatantly showing attraction to Winter, albeit in a repulsive way, however, made it clear that he did not truly care for her.

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