An alpha is the wolf that leads its pack. Usually there will be two alphas, a male, and a female. These two wolves will normally mate and create the most pups of the pack. In The Lunar Chronicles, this idea can be implemented by the standings of special operatives in the Lunar armies.

Overview Edit

The male alpha gets to the top of the pack by fighting and dueling his way. While being scarred and disfigured in the human society will get one sympathetic and sad looks,[citation needed] in the wolf society one will usually get looks of honor, delight, and euphoria.

The alpha female is chosen, usually for its looks,[citation needed] behaviors, and actions.

Mutated Alpha wolves Edit

Some of the Lunar army is consisted of mutated Lunars who had been scientifically mutated into half humans, half wolves. Such wolves still had wolf packs, wolf situations, and even similar alpha pickings and fights.

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Known Alpha Females Edit

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