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Artemisia is the capital city of Luna, and it is the hub of government activity and the home of the Lunar royal family and other aristocrats.

Location and layout Edit

Artemisia is located on the Earth-facing side of the moon near the North Pole at the edge of Mare Frigoris, also known as the Cold Sea.[1]

A large dome is around Artemisia, as part of Luna, in order to prevent any exposure to the harsh no oxygen outer space for the citizens. Without the dome, they wouldn't be able to breathe. With the dome, the oxygen is reused over and over again.  

Culture and Lifestyle Edit

Artemisia is famous for its luxuries. Much of its population is composed of Luna's aristocrats and royalty. The people from the outer sectors have bad wages and little to no food so the Aristocrats can "use" more like have and brag for the famed luxuries.

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