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Artemisia Palace was the residence of Queen Levana and Princess Winter. It was also home to the rest of the royal bloodline.

History Edit

It is unknown as to what year the Artemisia Palace was built, however it can be assumed that it was built during Cyprus Blackburn's reign, as it was home to the rest of the royal bloodline.

Description Edit

It can be assumed that the Artemisia Palace is approximately the same size, or even larger than the New Beijing Palace. Nothing much is explicitly stated about the palace's interior, however it is implied to be very spacious with long hallways and more than several rooms. The Artemisia Palace contains rooms for all of the members of the royal family, such as Princess Winter's room, Levana's room, and so on so forth. During Winter's childhood days there was noted to be a playroom somewhere in the palace as well. Cress implies that there is an exclusive operating room where one would be able to control the Lunar technological database. The palace is also said to be accompanied by a Lunar soldier training ground, later used as Lunar hybrid ground while Levana was in charge. It is unknown what happens to most of the features of the palace when Cinder claims the throne and dissolves the monarchy.

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