Benoit Farms and Gardens is a location introduced in Scarlet.


Benoit Farms and Gardens was owned and worked by Michelle Benoit. Her only granddaughter, Scarlet Benoit, also lived at the farm from a young age. As Michelle got older, Scarlet began helping out around the farm, though Scarlet did not know what was underneath the land. In the Keeper from Stars Above, it was revealed by Michelle that the farm was built in the second era and survived the Fourth World War.



Under the hanger there is an old bomb shelter which has been turned into an underground operating room containing the suspended animation tank that held Princess Selene (Linh Cinder) alive but comatose for eight years. Cinder has no memory of the farms or operating room, and while Scarlet knows about the farm, having lived there since she was young, she does not know about the operating room. It also has other small buildings scattered around the property such as a chicken coop, a barn, and a farmhouse.

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