Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky is a novella in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It takes place in Los Angeles in the American Republic around seven years before the events in Cinder. It was released on February 4, 2014, in exclusive copies of Cress by Target, and can be found by subscribing to Marissa Meyer's newsletter.

Summary Edit

A short story detailing the incident referenced by Carswell Thorne (as he is thirteen years) between himself and Kate Fallow and the great retrieval of her portscreen. A glimpse at the young Carswell Thorne, his family life, and his teenage years.

Characters Edit

  • Carswell Thorne
  • Colonel Kingsley Thorne (Carswell's father, American Republic Fleet 186 pilot)
  • Carswell's mother
  • Boots (Carswell's android cat)
  • Janette (a human maid of the Thorne family)
  • Jules Keller (Carswell's schoolmate)
  • Shan (Carswell's schoolmate)
  • Elia (Carswell's schoolmate, pep squad captain)
  • Professor Gosnel (literature class teacher)
  • Kate Fallow (Carswell's schoolmate)
  • Joel Kimbrough (historical figure, dramatist)
  • Blakely (Carswell's schoolmate)
  • Ryan Doughty (Carswell's schoolmate, Jules Keller's friend)
  • Anthony (Carswell's friend)
  • Carina (Carswell's friend)
  • Chien (Carswell's friend)
  • Rob Mancuso (Carswell's schoolmate, Jules Keller's friend)
  • Vice Principal Chambers (school vice principal)
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