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Chang Sacha[1] was one of the supporting characters in Cinder.

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Cinder Edit

Sacha was a baker at the marketplace who held prejudice against Cinder for being cyborg. Early on in Cinder, Sacha was infected with letumosis at the place where Cinder worked, and the marketplace was quickly evacuated. Although she extremely disliked Cinder in the beginning, when she saw Cinder at the quarantine, she thought she was sick with letumosis, and therefore an equal. Before passing away, she asked Cinder to bring her son, Sunto, to her.

While visiting Peony in the quarantine, Cinder saw Sacha in the fourth and final stage of letumosis. After a few words are exchanged between the two, Sacha passed away. Her last request was to see her son again. Cinder then witnessed an android slit Sacha's wrist and remove her ID chip, then place it in a compartment with dozens of other bloodied chips, which we later learn are all wiped and given a new identity for Queen Levana’s army of wolf soldiers.

Much later in the book, when visiting the quarantine for those infected with letumosis, Cinder planned on giving the antidote to her stepsister, Peony, but Peony passed away before being able to drink the antidote. As Cinder was leaving, she saw Sacha's son, Sunto, who also got infected by the plague, and gave the antidote to him.

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Judging by her views on society, Sacha seemed to be an adamantly traditional woman who abode by the general outlook of New Beijing. This could have been one of the factors leading up to why she was prejudice against cyborgs, including Cinder. She also appears as a motherly figure to her son Chang Sunto.


  1. In the traditional Chinese way Sacha would have been presented as Chang Sacha.
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