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Chang Sunto is one of the supporting characters in Cinder.

History Edit

Sunto is the son of Chang Sacha, a baker in the marketplace who greatly disliked Linh Cinder for being a cyborg, but saw her equally when thought she was sick too.

Physical attributes Edit

Sunto has a quaint appearance - dark hair and eyes, sporting simple clothing.

Recent events Edit

Cinder Edit

In the beginning of Cinder, Sunto's mother becomes infected with letumosis. Sunto tries to go near his mother, but she tells him to back away, afraid that he would get the plague, too.

Much later in the book, when visiting the quarantine for those infected with letumosis, Cinder plans on giving the antidote to her stepsister, Peony, but Peony passes away before being able to drink the antidote. As Cinder is leaving, she sees Sunto, who has also gotten infected by the plague, and she decides to give the antidote to him. Near the end of the book, Sunto becomes famous for miraculously healing from letumosis.

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