Charleson Annotel, most commonly known as Master Charleson, is the son of Venerable Annotel and Venerable's wife.

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At eight years old, Charleson tries to learn how to control his Lunar gift.

As Scarlet becomes the property of the Annotel household after being kidnapped to Luna, Charleson's parents give him Scarlet as an Earthen to practice his Lunar gift on. During his practice sessions, his victim Scarlet would be chained by a collar around her neck to a bolt in the floor of his playroom, where he uses his glamour to create the illusion that Scarlet has long-legged spiders crawling up her nose, snakes as long as her arm wriggle their way through her belly button and wind their bodies around her spine, and centipedes burrowing into her ear canals and creep around the inside of her skull before emerging on her tongue. When Scarlet screams, thrashes, gouges her own fingernails into her stomach, and blows her nose until it bleeds in an effort to get the trespassers out, Charleson laughs.

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