Cyborgs are people whose bodies contains mechanical or electrical devices and with abilities that are greater than the abilities of normal humans.[1]

Physical description Edit

Cyborg parts are physical components of the body. They work in harmony with the brain and nervous system, and function just as biological limbs do (although without the physical sensation). A cyborg's brain-machine interface is basically just a smart phone, computer, and television all combined in one.[2]

Attitude toward cyborgs Edit

Most people in the Earthen Union disregard cyborgs and see them as inferior compared to humans. Most believe that cyborgs are similar to androids: they do not have feelings and do not know what love is. Linh Adri stresses this when her daughter dies from letumosis and she blames Cinder for her daughter's demise, asking Cinder if her kind even knows what sadness really is.

Known cyborgs Edit

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