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Cinder (Book) Edit

He is introduced in the first book as the lead scientist of the letumosis research team at the Eastern Commonwealth royal research labs. Near the very end, when Cinder is imprisoned, he tells Cinder that she is princess Selene. He gives her a new foot and hand, complete with a projectile gun, flash light, screwdriver, knife, and universal connector cable. He then proceeds to tell her to escape New Beijing prison and meet him in Africa.

Scarlet (Book) Edit

In Scarlet, Dr. Erland is not present, but is deemed a traitor to the crown after footage of him visiting Cinder in prison is brought to the attention of Emperor Kai.

Cress (Book) Edit

In Africa, Erland sets up a system that allowed Lunars to come to him for experimentation in return for payment. He learns during this time that letumosis has begun to mutate and will affect Lunars; who were once immune, at a much quicker rate. Eventually, Cinder comes to Africa, in the company of a lunar guard and lunar soldier, much to his dismay. He joins them on their attempt to kidnap Emperor Kaito during his wedding to Queen Levana; he and Thorne set off a alarm at the research wards. It is at this time when he makes a solution for Thorne, who had been temporarily blinded in the attempt to rescue Cress.

While making the solution, he catches sight of the mark of the mutated letumosis on his skin and locks himself in quarantine. He is able to say goodbye to Cinder and the others before they leave and reveals that Cress is his daughter whom he wished he could have spent more time with. He encloses information he found on a port to give to Kai, including the fact that letumosis was created for biological warfare by Levana, in order to weaken Earth. He is suspected to die not long after they leave but not before Levana can take his blood for research in hopes of possibly weaponizing the plague to affect Lunars as well.

Trivia Edit

  • He is seen like a fairy godmother figure in the books particularly the first book Cinder.
  • His name, “Erland”, is an anagram of his real last name, “Darnel”