The Eastern Commonwealth is a nation in the Earthen Union, based in Asia. Its capital city is New Beijing, and the emperor lives in New Beijing Palace.[1]

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EC : Wedding Traditions Edit

An Eight Course Menu for a Royal Wedding in the Third Era : (Source : Blog Tour from 2014 )

First Course: A Quartet of Sashimi (Japan)

Second Course: Imitation Shark’s Fin Soup (China)

Third Course: Braised Pork Belly with Green Mango Relish (The Philippines)

Fourth Course: Potol Posto on a Bed of Banana Leaves (India)

Fifth Course: Shellfish Curry with Coconut Milk and Kaffir Lime (Thailand)

Sixth Course: Whole Peking Duck (China)

Seventh Course: Short Ribs and Kimchee on Endless Sweet and Spicy Noodles (Korea)

Eighth Course: Lapis Surabaya (Indonesia)

EC Coronation Tradition: Edit

Empress: Is anointed with a concoction of sacred Eastern Commonwealth oils before the coronation to purify her. (Winter, page 642)

Empress Crown: Phoenix Crown (Winter, page 663)

Emperor Crown : Dragon Crown

Laws, Decrees, and Mandates : Edit

Cyborg Protection Act : Instilled by Kai's great grandfather

Cyborg Draft : Instilled by Dmitri Erland


- Western Influence

- Kimonos and Obis

- Tunics

- Mandarin Collars

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