Dr. Eliot was called on to examine Levana due to her challenges in conceiving, but she just told Levana to wait. When Levana started noticing her sister's persistent coughing bouts, Levana suggested Channary pay a visit to Dr. Eliot. Channary scoffed at such a notion, but soon after, she broke down and visited Dr. Eliot. On the day of the nursery fire, Dr. Eliot had an appointment with Winter. She was the first doctor to examine Princess Selene after the nursery fire. She proclaims her dead and has her body removed from the palace. In words of her peer, Dr. Logan Tanner, her quick thinking saved the princess's life.

Among rumors of Princess Selene's survival, Dr. Eliot was called in to testify in front of Levana and her trusted Head Thaumaturge, Sybil Mira. However, Dr. Eliot vehemently denied any supposition or theory supplied by Levana that her niece Selene survived the fire. Dr. Eliot cited Dr. Logan Tanner as a fellow witness who could verify her story. Shortly afterward, Dr. Eliot was brought into custody to be 'questioned' by Sybil Mira.

Eliot was accused of being a traitor to the crown, though details of her crime were never released. She was tortured for information by Thaumaturge Sybil Mira and presumed dead (this made Dr. Tanner realize he must escape from Luna with the princess).

She had an office in the palace, a satellite office from the one she kept at the med-center on the other side of the city so that she could be on call for the royal family.

Information gathered from FAIREST & STARS ABOVE by Author Marissa Meyer.

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