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Farafrah is a small town in the African Union where Dr. Erland had taken refuge. Linh Cinder, Wolf, and Jacin Clay all meet up with him there, and eventually Carswell Thorne and Cress reunite with them also. It is the first Earthen location where Letumosis was first contracted.

Connection with Luna Edit

Farafrah is known for housing many Lunar residents (around 15% of the population). Although the government is not aware of the amount of Lunars in the area, the Earthens there have established a relationship with them that is benefiting to both sides, and live in peace with their Lunar neighbors. Most Lunars in Farafrah are people who have escaped from Luna for different reasons, and most of them oppose Queen Levana and support Princess Selene.

Farafrah is the first location where Letumosis was first contracted on Earth. In order to spread the man-made disease to Earth to weaken it, Levana diagnosed escaping Lunars with Letumosis, which did not kill them since Lunars are immune to the original version of Letumosis, but instead spread to the Earthens in Farafra, and spread to the rest of Earth quickly after that.

This city was also the location where a mutated form of the letumosis virus began claiming its first victims. It was possible for the Lunars to contract this virus, and several citizens of this town were infected and killed by this disease.

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