Fateen is a research assistant at the royal letumosis research team of the Eastern Commonwealth.[1]

History Edit

Fateen started working as a research assistant at the letumosis research team four months ago. She was scheduled to work every monday.[1] She has most likely lost someone to letumosis and was motivated to find a cure for the disease.[2]

Recent events Edit

Cinder Edit

The day after Linh Cinder was forcibly taken to the palace for letumosis research, Fateen was assisting Dr. Erland examine an unnamed male cyborg draft subject from Tokyo. When Dr. Erland decided to turn him away based on his age, Fateen objected. Dr. Erland then gave her the order to placebo him instead and submit a report about it, which she also disagreed with, but nevertheless carried out.

Afterwards she joined Dr. Erland and Li in lab room 6D where Cinder was lying on the table on the other side of the viewing window. She watched Dr. Erland carry out the process of detecting Cinder's ratio and injecting letumosis microbes in Cinder through med-droids. Like Li, Fateen was surprised when Cinder's immune system destroyed the letumosis microbes. When Dr. Erland gave the order to untie Cinder, Fateen protested but eventually carried it out.[3]

Cress Edit

In the corridors of the research wing Emperor Kai and Torin approached Fateen and requested her to give him access to patient records of Cinder. She led them to the vacant lab room 6D where she pulled up Cinder's records for him. Kai revealed to her the confidential information about Queen Levana's antidote, which surprised Fateen. After comms informed her of the arrival of a the day's draft subject, she left them.[4]

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Fateen is "dark-skinned" and wears her hair in "a long black braid." This braid is said to be long enough to be able to whip against her hip. She is a tall woman, taller than Dr. Erland "by at least four inches." She was made even taller by the heels she wore. Because of the height difference, Dr. Erland would often give Fateen tasks that kept her seated while she worked.[1]

Personality Edit

Fateen is very direct in expressing her thoughts and seems to be either pessimistic or a realist. She was constantly exasperated by Dr. Erland's failure to remember her name despite the fact that she had worked for him for four months. She also openly questioned Dr. Erland's decisions and was suspicious of Dr. Erland's interest in young, female draft subjects.[1]

References Edit

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