Glamour is a "gift" used by the people of Luna.[citation needed] For years people on Earth were convinced that it was "magic," even Cinder before realizing she could use it herself. Glamour is not magic, however; it is the manipulation of bioelectricity. This allows one to put thoughts into someone's head. Shells are immune to the glamour used by the Lunars, which is why they are taken away right after they're born.

History Edit

The glamour was first found and recognized by Cyprus Blackburn, creator of Luna and the Lunar gift. He got it after some exposure to gamma rays. It was carried down generation by generation, even before World War lll. The Lunar civilization and cultures of Lunars were greatly modified by glamours. For the first time, women could look the way they wanted to, without expensive new-age surgery or expensive modern medicine. Children could get whatever they wanted. Bullying and misuse was everywhere. For the Lunar society, anything was possible.

Functions Edit

Glamours worked by a special system of cells, genes, and neurons. They used it to manipulate people. There are some Lunars that have more enhanced bioelectricity-manipulating abilities. Some of these people become thaumaturges. Thaumaturges are Lunars that are the strongest manipulators, second only to the Queen herself.

Levana Portrait

Levana's Glamour

Preferences and signaturesEdit

Glamour of the Blackburn family is very strong, as demonstrated by Cinder during the night of the ball. Levana immediately recognized Cinder as her long-lost niece because her power was even stronger than her own. But, for Lunar guards, Levana and Sybil prefer their glamour to be weaker so they can control them easily in battle. The guards are picked for strength and beauty. They are tested in their fourteenth year for these traits.

Weaknesses Edit

It does not affect shells, androids, and those possessing the bioelectricty security system, a device invented by Linh Garan. It can also be exposed by netscreens, portscreens, and mirrors. That is why Levana and other people like to cover themselves up, so they cannot be exposed.

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