Humans (Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens) are a species of animal who are uniquely adept at communicating in both language and art. To date, humans can be normal but also have two subcategories: Cyborg or Lunar.

History Edit

Though common knowledge, humans have existed for millions of years before World War III and World War IV. They have technologically advanced throughout the first and second era. During the third era, however, humankind was rewritten by certain monarchs such as first Lunar king Cyprus Blackburn, who took advantage of his unique genetics to create an empire on Luna where all the citizens shared this trait of letumosis immunity and bioeletric manipulation, otherwise known as the "gift". This trait has been shown to be recessive, as all of the Lunar royals have been demonstrated to possess it as well.

Meanwhile, the third era outweighed both the first and second era's share of technology. Over the probable several hundred years technology has evolved enough to provide humans with new features, such as androids, escort-droids, robots, and most importantly, cyborgs. It has been noted that cyborgs had greater abilities embedded in their bodies as opposed to regular humans. An example of this is in Linh Cinder's prostheses and brain. While being genetically modified, her brain had the ability to assess situations and perform emergency protocol when her body was in critical condition, along with a retina display. She also was provided with a mechanical arm and leg, the former later installing a weaponry function thanks to the help of Erland. However, most in the Earthen Union often look down upon cyborgs, believing them to be emotionless machines, and a close relative of androids.

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