Hunter is one of the supporting characters in Scarlet.

History Edit

Hunter was a popular street fighter at the Morel Farm. But until his fight with Wolf, he was the reigning, undefeated champion, having won thirty-four fights.

Recent Events Edit

One night in August 126 T.E., Hunter was arranged to fight against Wolf. The fight was delayed when Scarlet Benoit held up Wolf for an explanation about his tattoo, which she related to her missing grandmother, Michelle Benoit, and the torture of her father, Luc Benoit. When Hunter saw Scarlet, he proclaimed he wanted to take her home after defeating Wolf. His taunts made the audience laugh and do cat calls and whistles to one another.

Because of his record, most of the audience had placed a bet on Hunter winning the duel. As Hunter had many admirers, the crowd was chanting his name and a woman with close-cropped hair was even glaring at Scarlet out of jealousy. When the fight began, Hunter ripped off his shirt and paced back and forth like a caged animal. He bowled from one side of the stage to another as he rattled the crowd. He growled and cursed, working the crowd into a frenzy.

During the fight, Hunter threw punches almost too quick to follow and was impressively fast for his bulk. His series of blows were deflected by Wolf until one connected with a crunch. Despite his speed, Wolf was faster and knocked him to his back. After Hunter jumped back to his feet, he punched Wolf in the stomach and sent him with a blow careening to the edge. Wolf then kicked Hunter square in his back, at his ear, and at his ribs. After pulling himself up the ropes, Hunter charged again, punching Wolf. After an elbow in the jaw, a heel in the chest, a punch to the nose, and a knee at his side, Hunter fell in defeat to his knees.

The horn blared and the mediator climbed up the ropes to announce Wolf as the winner. There was outright glee from the crowd to see Hunter defeated.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Hunter is described to be twice the size and a foot taller than the announcer. When standing next to him, Wolf looked like a child. Hunter has a mass of raw muscles and is entirely bald. His hair is replaced with two rows of bear's teeth implanted like gaping jaws into his scalp.

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