Jael was one of the supporting characters in Scarlet.

Recent events Edit

Scarlet Edit

Jael was the thaumaturge that was in charge of the pack that included Ze'ev Kesley and Ran Kesley, but was later killed in Scarlet by Scarlet Benoit. He was a tier 2 thaumaturge. In Scarlet (book 2), Scarlet shot him twice and he later died. He was described trying to stop Cinder from helping Wolf, Thorne, and Scarlet escape to bring them all back to Luna to be executed. He did not succeed his mission carried out by Queen Levana as he died.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Jael was described as "willowy and lean, with wavy dark hair and near-black eyes that burned in the candlelight." He wore "a crimson red coat that flared at his waist and had long, bell-shaped sleeves. [And] [gold]-embroidered runes sparkled along the hems."

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