dhdJannali Blackburn (name Jannali meaning "moon", of Aboriginal origin) was a queen consort of Luna. She married Marrok Blackburn, the king of Luna, and had two children with him, Channary and Levana. Jannali died when a shell infiltrated the palace at night and slit Jannali's throat and then stabbed Marrok in the chest.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Jannali was described as constantly wearing a glamour that made her have striking violet eyes, a fair complexion, and sleek platinum-blonde hair. Under her glamour she had naturally tan skin and shiny chestnut brown hair, as did her eldest daughter Channary, and her granddaughter, Selene.


Jannali was vain (like both her daughters), as she loved getting dressed up and did not really care for others besides herself. Levana mentions memories of watching her mother, Jannali, primp herself in front of a mirror "on those rare occasions when she wasn't annoyed with the presence of her own offspring." She often did not bother to make time for Levana, and it was said by Levana that she, along with her husband, would not have cared if she was murdered in their place.

Family tree Edit

Marrok Blackburn
Jannali Blackburn
Unknown ♂
Channary Blackburn
Levana Blackburn
Evret Hayle
Solstice Hayle
Selene Blackburn
Winter Hayle
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