The unnamed empress[1] of the Eastern Commonwealth was the mother of Kaito and wife of Emperor Rikan.

History Edit

The Empress of the Eastern Commonwealth contracted letumosis on a philanthropic trip to the Western parts of the Commonwealth. Her son, Kai, and husband, Rikan, were mourning her death with the rest of the country on a newsfeed.[2]

Physical attributes Edit

Not much is said regarding the former empresses' appearance. But in Winter, before Levana's coronation, Kai lifts her crown out of a box. As he does this, he remembers how she used to wear the crown for each Annual Ball and notes that "she had always been so beautiful". We can guess that she has a kind nature based on the way Kai and his father mourned her hapless death.

Family tree Edit

Unnamed ♀

References Edit

  1. Kai's mother was an empress consort, the wife of the reigning emperor of Eastern Commonwealth. She shared her husband's social rank and held the feminine equivalent of the emperor's monarchical titles but she does not share the emperor regnant's political and military powers.
  2. Fairest

Trivia Edit

  • She was known for being very beautiful.
  • The Empress used to take Kai to the weekly market as a child.
  • Before every peace festival parade, she used to sneak Rikan and Kai into the marketplace to eat spicy noodle and watch street vendors and musician prepare for the event.
  • She was often Channary's target for assassination.
  • She was beloved by the ENTIRE country.
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