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Kate Fallow was a girl that Carswell Thorne got in a fight for to allegedly get her portscreen back. He supposedly liked her.


Physical attributes Edit

Kate has light hair and large, warm brown eyes that Thorne found rather endearing.

Personality Edit

For her age at the time, Kate was rather mature. She bore a no-nonsense outlook when speaking with other people. However, she was usually soft-spoken and shy, thus making her an easy victim of bullying. When she was young, Kate would read books and was known to be a good student.

It is currently unknown how Kate has changed, but her hardworking personality seems to not have changed at all, seeing that she becomes an architect in her later years.

It is very possible that Thorne had a crush on her, seeming that she had a similar personality to that of Cress, who is now Thorne's girlfriend.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • According to Thorne, Kate Fallow was good at math while they were at school and was at the top of their class.[1]
  • According to Cress, she is an architect.


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