Li is a research assistant at the royal letumosis research team of the Eastern Commonwealth.[1]

Recent events Edit

Cinder Edit

The day after Linh Cinder was forcibly taken to the palace for letumosis research, Li examined her and was highly impressed by her cyborg parts, especially her autocontrol and four-grade nervous system. He informed Dr. Erland about her arrival and walked with him to lab room 6D where Cinder was lying on the table on the other side of the viewing window.[1] He watched Dr. Erland carry out the process of detecting Cinder's ratio and injecting letumosis microbes in Cinder through med-droids. Like Fateen, he was surprised when Cinder's immune system destroyed the letumosis microbes. When Dr. Erland gave the order to untie Cinder, Li supported Fateen's protest out of fear for Cinder's violence.[2]

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Li is tall, but not as tall as Fateen.[1]

Personality Edit

Unlike Fateen, Li was never disturbed by Dr. Erland's loss of memory. He would chuckle at Dr. Erland's jokes about it.[1]

References Edit

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