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Liam Kinney is a guard for the Grand Minister of Luna, formerly being one of Queen Levana's guards.


As a royal guard in Artemisia, Kinney once dismissed the theft of a maid. When Queen Levana found out, she tried to have Kinney's sister killed as punishment. Princess Winter intervened and the sister's life was spared; she became a maid in Artemisia Palace instead.

Recent eventsEdit


Kinney offers information during Jacin Clay's trial about the bioelectricity block, helping to have Jacin's life spared.[1]

Later, he goes to RM-9 where Linh Cinder is, along with some of the start of the rebellion. He, Jerrico Solis, and a thaumaturge named Pereira go to find her at Maha Kesley's house but instead find Iko. During the fight, Pereira was killed and Princess Winter injuries Jerrico. Defending Winter, Liam shoots Jerrico, killing him. He advises Iko to hide Winter before he leaves, lying to Thaumaturge Aimery about what had happened.

He later talks to Jacin Clay and notices Cress. He tells Jacin about Winter and warns him about the possibility of Queen Levana finding out that he did not murder Winter.

During the resistance's attack on the Artemisia Palace, he is the first Royal Guard (besides Jacin) to show his loyalty to Cinder by telling her where she can find Levana. He and Iko are ordered by Cinder to protect Kai and the Earthen leaders who they find with Lunar aristocrats in the servants' halls heading to the spaceship ports. Kinney shows his loyalty again by willingly giving them the access code to open the ports.

Stars AboveEdit

Something Old, Something New,  Kinney makes an appearance at the beginning to say goodbye to Cinder and Iko when the two leave for Scarlet and Wolf's wedding.


Personality Edit

Judging by his acts of defiance towards the Lunar monarchy, it is shown that Liam is a trustworthy peer of Cinder and her friends. He does not lack a playful side, as shown whenever he interacts with Iko.

Physical attributesEdit

Liam is good-looking, even more so than Emperor Kaito according to Iko. He has brown hair and tan skin. Currently, we aren't really sure about his height, eye color, weight, or anything else.


Iko and Kinney at the Beach

Iko and Kinney at the beach

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