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Linh Garan was Linh Cinder's stepfather, the father of Pearl and Peony, and the late husband of Adri.

History Edit

Garan became Cinder's stepfather when he adopted her after she underwent her surgeries, in which she was equipped with metal parts due to a terrible accident that Cinder had no memory of. Garan brought her back to his family with him in the Eastern Commonwealth, but his wife, Adri, was not supportive of the decision. Garan died not long after adopting Cinder from the deadly disease letumosis.

Cinder discovered that Garan had adopted her to only use her in testing his invention, the bioelectricty security system, but never had the chance to make money from the invention due to his death.

Scarlet Benoit remembered seeing Garan when she was a child, talking to her grandmother, Michelle. Scarlet misunderstood her grandmother's conversation with Garan by believing that she was planning on giving Scarlet away to him, when in truth they were discussing the Lunar princess Selene. When her grandmother discovered Scarlet eavesdropping on their conversation, she had shooed her away.

Later, Cinder visited the Benoit home and discovered that she was hidden there as a child until she was eleven. She was put in a suspended animation tank where she would remain alive but unconscious, and she woke up in Garan's hover car on the way to New Beijing years later to start her new life as a cyborg.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Garan was the complete opposite of Adri. In Glitches, he was shown to be very warm, patient, and a bit of an introvert. Most of the time he was cooped up in his work shack working on unknown inventions. He was a very loving father and said that he would have treated Cinder as his own.

Physical attributes Edit

Not much was specified regarding Garan's appearance. However, in Scarlet, Scarlet notes that he had a long face and jet black hair.

Family tree Edit

Linh Garan
Linh Adri
Linh Pearl
Linh Cinder
Linh Peony


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