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This is a list of deaths in the Lunar Chronicles organized by book. Each death is listed under the book in which it is first mentioned.
Character Killed by Cause of Death Date of death Last line Book
Brock Ze'ev Kesley Killed The Queen's Army
Marrok Blackburn Assassin shell Stabbed in the chest 108 T.E. (exact date unknown) before Cinder
Evret Hayle Joshua Haddon Killed 119 T.E.
Joshua Haddon Levana Blackburn Killed 118/ 119 T.E. before Cinder
Solstice Hayle n/a Childbirth January 3, 109 TE before Cinder
Channary Blackburn n/a Regolith poisoning December 110 TE before Cinder
Morels n/a Letumosis
Kai's mother n/a Letumosis 118 TE (exact date unknown) before Cinder
Linh Garan n/a Letumosis 121 TE before Cinder
Emperor Rikan n/a Letumosis August 16, 126 TE Cinder
Chang Sacha n/a Letumosis August 17, 126 TE Cinder
Linh Peony n/a Letumosis August 18, 126 TE Cinder
Michelle Benoit Ran Kesley August 31, 126 TE Scarlet
Ran Kesley Ze'ev Kesley August 31, 126 TE Scarlet
Jael Scarlet Benoit August 31, 126 TE Scarlet
Luc Benoit Wynn August 30, 126 T.E. Scarlet
Sage Darnel n/a Letumosis September 25, 126 TE "You sing your song so sweetly...after sunshine passes....[by]" Cress
Sybil Mira suicide/Linh Cinder insanity September 25, 126 TE "What -- what pretty birds!" Cress
Pereira Winter
Maha Kesley Aimery Park Killed by guard during protest November 7th, 126 TE "The one cyborg I know is named Princess Selene Blackburn and she is the true queen of Luna." Winter
Alpha Strom Unknown Killed in battle Winter
Levana Blackburn Linh Cinder/ Selene Blackburn Shot in the chest November 7th, 126 T.E. "I relinquish my crown to you, my country, my throne. Take it all. Just... just let me have my beauty again. Please." Winter
Aimery Park Scarlet Benoit (controlled by Winter Hayle-Blackburn) Stabbed in the chest November 7th, 126 T.E. "You think I cannot handle one pathetic mutant and a weak-minded guard and an Earthen?" Winter
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