Mech6.0, also known as Star, was an android and the main character in The Little Android.

Biography Edit

Mech6.0 started out as a typical android, emotionless and only work-oriented, but quickly changed when she fell in love with a human, Wing Dataran, after saving him from drowning in a vat of oil. However, this caused her body to stop working, so she visited Linh Cinder and traded a holographic trading card of Prince Kaito for a used escort droid body. However, this body had a voice box that would not work, so she was unable to speak, and this body was not entirely compatible with her personality chip, so she would not be able to function for long.

She managed to get a job on the ship working with Wing Dataran, and worked with him for a short amount of time.

Star later finds out that Dataran is in love with Miko and plans to marry her. But Miko’s father plans on leaving with his daughter in fear she will be selected for the cyborg draft.

[1] Miko and Star switch places on the ship so Miko can leave with Dataran. After Miko and Dataran left the Commonweath on a ship, Mech0.6's power source died on the ship in space, and she died too.

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