Med-droids are androids programmed to give basic medical examinations, such as blood tests and heart rate monitoring. They are also used to safely transport victims of letumosis to quarantines without risk of contaminating other humans. They are equipped with ID chip scanners. In Cinder, several med-droids were programmed by the Lunars to steal identity chips from those who died of letumosis to use for their special operatives.

Med-droids are the primary caretakers of those sick with letumosis, due to their ability to take care of patients without getting infected themselves. Another main usage of med-droids is to take blood from humans that have been around a letumosis patient and check to see if they also have it.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is that of a white android with yellow sensors and red crosses painted on their heads. They are suggested to be shorter than the average human.

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Med Droid

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