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Michelle Benoit was a character mentioned in Cinder and is one of the supporting characters in The Lunar Chronicles. Michelle was inspired by Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother in the story of the same name.

History Edit

Michelle was a brave farmer and former military pilot from Rieux, France. When Michelle was a military pilot, she had been part of a diplomatic mission to Luna. There, she met a Lunar by the name of Logan Tanner, nine months prior to her son's birth. She was a brave, albeit slightly paranoid woman who took a team of scientists to turn Princess Selene—who was still an infant and badly wounded from the nursery fire—into a cyborg. Michelle soon met Linh Garan who later adopted Selene under the name of Linh Cinder.

When Michelle's granddaughter, Scarlet, was young, she moved in with Michelle to live on her farm, where she was taught how to use a pistol at a young age.

Recent events Edit

Michelle was Scarlet's grandmother, who had been missing prior to the beginning of Scarlet. Michelle was a former military pilot and was kidnapped by Wolf's gang. While kidnapping her, Wolf's pack removed her ID chip and left it wrapped in cheesecloth in her kitchen. She was held hostage in an opera house in Paris until Scarlet came to rescue her. After conversing with Scarlet, Michelle was revealed to be impersonated by Ran Kesley, the younger brother of Wolf (who was later discovered to be Ze'ev Kesley).

However, later on, Scarlet reunited with her real grandmother, who was dying in her prison cell. Ran suddenly appeared and trapped Scarlet from escaping. In order for Scarlet to escape, Michelle sacrificed her life by provoking him, which lead Ran to killing, and seemingly eat, her. Scarlet managed to escape and was defended by Wolf from Ran, whom he ended up killing.

Family tree
Logan Tanner
Michelle Benoit
Luc Benoit
Unknown ♀
Scarlet Benoit

Trivia Edit

  • Michelle was mentioned in Cinder when Nainsi began working again and accidentally told Linh Cinder about her.
  • She was installed with a bioelectricity security block in her nervous system by Logan Tanner. Therefore, she couldn't be controlled by Lunars.
  • Mentioned in Meyer's blog, Michelle was named after the Beatles song, which has some lyrics repeated in French. "Michelle, ma belle, sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble."

References Edit

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