A portscreen is a tablet that holds applications and can receive comms and news.[citation needed]

Overview Edit

Most Earthens use portscreens as a way to search through media or do schoolwork, as Peony had mentioned to Cinder when her portscreen was broken.[1] Many applications are downloadable, including celebrity apps and education apps, which Peony had installed. Portscreens, like most technology today, have a limited capacity and efficiency. When Cinder was fixing Peony's portscreen, she had said not to download any celebrity apps, implying that doing so may slow down the portscreen.[1]

Portscreens on Earth are a widely-owned technology, though they are not often used on Luna, for portscreens do not display a person's glamour in a photograph, which is something Levana despises.[1] Portscreens also have the ability to transfer currency from account to account, for example when Cinder had been purchasing items at a shop.[2]

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