Regolith poisoning is a disease that commonly afflicts those that go in Luna's lava tubes often.[citation needed] It is also common to the laborers living in regolith mining sectors because of all the dust in the air. It is caused by breathing in regolith dust. The dust causes regolith poisoning. An example of a symptom of regolith poisoning is heavy coughing for long periods of time. It is rather uncommon among the aristocrats and royal family, because they hardly or never go to the outer, labor sectors of Luna. Even so, Queen Channary died from it. Levana theorized that this was because Channary was going into the outer sectors, most likely because she found them a convenient location for her many romantic exploits. She was Queen, and the aristocratic class never ventured in the regolith caves, as mentioned above, because the caves were mainly a place for labor, so this seems a more likely possibility, especially considering Channary's busy love life. However this theory was neither confirmed nor denied.[1]


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