Rieux is a small town located in France, within the European Federation.

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Located in France, Michelle Benoit settled down and became a farmer, eventually opening up a business called Benoit Farms and Gardens. In 115 T.E., Michelle's granddaughter Scarlet moves away from her father's home in Paris to live with her grandmother. Since she was a city kid, Scarlet was spoiled and constantly whined. However, she really did this because it was the only way she could have gotten her father's attention back at home. Michelle took none of this from Scarlet, and had her wake up early in the morning and work all day. Eventually, Scarlet grew accustomed to living with her grandmother, and formed a better personality and became more hardworking.

Recent events Edit

In Scarlet, Wolf and Scarlet first meet in a tavern in Rieux: Rieux Tavern. Eventually, Scarlet realizes that Wolf was once part of the pack that kidnapped her grandmother, so she tells him to take her to their hideout. Wolf agrees and they set off to find Scarlet's grandmother.

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