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Rikan was the former emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth.

History Edit

Rikan was the emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth who lived in New Beijing Palace with his wife and child, Prince Kaito.

Recent events Edit

Like his wife who passed before him, Rikan was sick with the plague letumosis and passed away the night after Linh Cinder left the palace. At first, Dr. Erland told Cinder that the emperor would be the first person to take the antidote once one was found. However, after the emperor died, Queen Levana came down to Earth to give her condolences to the emperor's son, Kai, soon showing him that she had a cure to the plague all along, enraging Kai. The queen gave Kai the antidote, which Kai later gave to Dr. Erland. Since the emperor was no longer alive, the doctor gave Cinder the antidote to give to her sick stepsister, Peony. Unfortunately, by the time Cinder made it to the quarantines, it was too late and Peony died in her arms.

As she was leaving, Cinder spotted Sunto, Chang Sacha's son, who was also infected with letumosis. Cinder gave Sunto the antidote and, in the days that followed, news of the child who recovered from the plague spread.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

According to Channary, Rikan is "handsome", "broad-shouldered", and a "smart dresser though a little bland".[1]

Family tree Edit

Unnamed ♀

Trivia Edit

  • Rikan is the romanization of the Japanese words 罹患, which means "contracting a disease" or "diseased." The name is very applicable to the character, as he suffered from a disease since the very first moment he is introduced.
  • He's broad-shouldered and a smart dresser (according to Queen Channary)
  • He was unsure about starting the cyborg draft, but it was Dr. Erland that later convinced.
  • Rikan was very close to his son, Kaito.
  • He was much younger than most of the Earthen leaders.

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