Roland is one of the supporting characters in Scarlet.

History Edit

Roland was a regular at the Rieux Tavern in Scarlet Benoit's hometown, Rieux, France located in the European Federation.

Recent events Edit

Scarlet Edit

When Roland is first introduced, it is said that it "looked like he'd been bellied to the bar since noon." He is shown to be rude when he mimics shooting Linh Cinder on the netscreen and calls her disgusting. When Scarlet tries to stand up for her, Roland calls out Scarlet's actions because she is distressed about her crazy missing grandmother. Roland comes out and states that he had also told the police that her grandmother was nuts.

When Scarlet shoves Roland, he threatens her, which leads to Wolf joining in on the fight. Wolf nearly strangles Roland before the Tavern's owner, Gilles, stops him and orders him to get out; Scarlet watched this whole scene in horror.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Nothing regarding Roland's appearance is explicitly stated, however him being an alcoholic possibly already hints something towards his outer appearance.

Personality Edit

Although not much is known about Roland, judging by his actions towards Scarlet in the Tavern, Roland gives off the impression that he is an obnoxious, uncaring person. He disregards people's personal feelings and as a result fails to fully comprehend the situation.

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