Ryu was an albino wolf being kept in captivity in a menagerie in Luna. Princess Winter considered him as one of her friends. The last descendant of the original white wolf used for genetic experiments.[1]

History Edit

Ryu was captured in the wild a long time ago and confined in a menagerie where he is being displayed to Lunar visitors. He has a chip embedded between his shoulder blades that would give him a painful shock if he tried to jump over the rail of his barred enclosure. This prevented him from escape and he quickly learned to accept his habitat.[2]

Recent events Edit

Cress Edit

After her trials in the palace, Scarlet Benoit was imprisoned in a cage on the other side of the pathway opposite the enclosure where Ryu was being kept in the menagerie. After four days being held there, she noticed him for the first time upon waking from a nightmare and carried on a silent conversation with him. Then he watched Scarlet and Winter interact from across the aisle, and wandered back toward the back of his enclosure when Winter left.[1]

Winter Edit

After Scarlet had snapped off twigs from a tree branch that dangled outside her cage, she threw them one by one to Ryu who would chase after the twig, snatch it from the air and drop it on top of his pile of sticks. He sat back down when Winter arrived. The princess conversed with Scarlet and then made her way to Ryu, giving him a scratch behind his ears and gathering up his pile of sticks.[2] Later he gets stabbed by Jacin, who got Levana's order to kill Winter, instead of her.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Ryu had white fur and pale yellow eyes.[1]

Personality Edit

He showed compassion towards humans, including yipping in a sorrowful and concerned way and blinking his eyes with worry when he saw Scarlet having a nightmare. When Winter was on the verge of hyperventilating, he whimpered. He was also very kind towards the people or animals he knew. [1]

References Edit

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