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Samhain Bristol is a parliament representative from Toronto in United Kingdom.

Recent events Edit

Cress Edit

Samhain had declined his invitation to attend the wedding ceremony of Emperor Kai and Queen Levana, to make the statement of refusing to accept Levana as a suitable world leader within the Earthen Union. When Nainsi reported this to Kai, the emperor was afraid Levana would take Samhain's declination as a personal offence. Torin then offered to schedule a comm with Samhain to see if he can come to a compromise and suggests to keep the information close, as not to give other invited guests any wayward ideas.[1]

When Wolf and Cress played their part in Cinder's plans to kidnap Kai, they infiltrated the royal wedding by coding Samhain and his wife's identity on their wedding invitation chips, allowing them official access to the palace. The actual Samhain and his wife were still at home and were unaware that a body double had negated the political point he tried to make.[2]

References Edit

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