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Shells are Lunars born without the ability to manipulate bioelectricity, yet their bioelectricity can not be manipulated or altered in anyway whatsoever even the slightest and smallest way by anything making shells immune to bioelectrical manipulation or glamour.



It was believed that Queen Levana was trying to kill them as she did not have the ability to control them, however she also was keeping them alive as test subjects for the war Lunars had prepared.[1] These shells were being kept in lava tubes beneath Luna before they revolted. They were then kept in suspension tanks so that their blood may be easily harvested. Their blood was used as a cure for Letumosis which was intentionally spread to Earth to weaken them and force them to agree on an alliance for the antidote. 


Shells were considered dangerous as a shell had snuck into the palace, protected by his immunity. He then shot two guards in the head, killed three more, slit Queen Jannali's throat and stabbed King Marrok's chest sixteen times.