Solstice Hayle was Evret Hayle's first wife. Shortly after giving birth to Winter, Solstice died. Solstice was suspected to be sick and having troubles with her pregnancy.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Solstice had brown skin, long, dark hair that held just a bit of curl on the ends, and a beautiful, heart-shaped face and full lips. Her eyes were caramel with thick eyelashes and elegant arched brows. In order to get Evret's attention, Levana's glamours were often formed to make Levana look like Solstice, who was also described as being very beautiful.

Personality Edit

She was a skilled seamstress who worked in AR-4. Solstice was very kind (described by Levana as "always cheerful and lovely and composed"), and she often pitied Levana because she knew that Levana was very lonely. She also gifted Levana with a quilt that she had sewn depicting Earth when she died and urged Evret to become Levana's friend.

Relationships Edit

Evret Hayle Edit

The entire backstory of their history together is unconfirmed, however Solstice and Evret had a very strong love for each other. They did not let anything get in the way of their relationship despite whatever turmoil there was, and Solstice had a great sense of trust in Evret. She was compassionate towards everyone, especially Evret. She made sure to watch out for her husband.

Levana Blackburn Edit

Solstice was unmistakably aware of Levana's jealousy and caught on from an early stage of her marriage with Evret at the time. She pitied Levana's way of thinking and her entire character as a whole, but did not despise her. Solstice even urged Evret to become Levana's friend at one point, and intended to give a tapestry of Earth to Levana as a present.

Family tree Edit

Marrok Blackburn
Jannali Blackburn
Unknown ♂
Channary Blackburn
Levana Blackburn
Evret Hayle
Solstice Hayle
Selene Blackburn
Winter Hayle
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