Tashmi Priya, most commonly known as Priya, is a wedding planner in the Eastern Commonwealth.

History Edit

Priya works as a wedding planner for weddings of prominent people held in the Eastern Commonwealth. As the head wedding planner, she is charge of communicating the wishes of a client to the rest of the wedding coordinators. She assists with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding, including the preparation of the feast menu, the attendees list, the writing of the wedding vows, the appointment of officiants, and the hiring of wedding occupationals and service providers.

Recent events Edit

In September 126 T.E., Priya was asked to plan the royal wedding between Queen Levana and Emperor Kai and she accepted the job without a moment's hesitation. She interviewed Kai and Levana separately on different occasions to identify their needs for the wedding.

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

Priya is described to be well into her forties. Her hair is making a slow transition into gray, but she has the sort of skin that has not aged a day past twenty-nine.

She often wears deceptively subtle makeup and her hair is always perfectly in place. This simplicity is set against a wardrobe of traditional Indian saris, lush silk shot through with jewel tones and complicated embroidery. The combination gives Priya a regal air. Despite Queen Levana's high demands and Kai's lack of interest in the wedding, she remained occupationally impassive.

Personality Edit

Priya is a patient, tidy person and able to work well under pressure. Her occupational perfectionism is evident in every decision she makes and in how she presented herself.

Trivia Edit

  • The term Priya is a Sanskrit word for "dear, beloved" and is a common given name in India and Nepal.

Quotes about Priya Edit

"He didn't for a moment underestimate the stress she was under to be working with Queen Levana."
Kai's thoughts

References Edit

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