A thaumaturge is a person of power in the Lunar government. The thaumaturges are also leaders in the Queen's army. Each thaumaturge is in charge of 6-15 soldiers. They do not fight unless the situation calls for it, but they excel at doing so, though they typically direct the soldiers. They are also known for being very attractive without the use of glamour. In fact, Doctor Erland states that being naturally attractive is a requirement as Levana prefers them that way. Their clothing shows their rank.

Uniforms Edit

The uniform for a thaumaturge is a high-collared long coat that flares at the waist with long, bell-shaped sleeves. Gold-embroidered runes and hieroglyphs sparkle along the hems.[1]

Colors vary: the head thaumaturge's coat is white; the second-highest rank is red; and the lowest rank wears black.

Known thaumaturges Edit

  • Joshua Haddon: Head Thaumaturge during the reign of King Marrok and later Queen Channary, retired shortly after Queen Channary's death, later murdered by Queen Levana
  • Sybil Mira: raised to Head Thaumaturge after Haddon's retirement, later killed by Cinder
  • Aimery Park: raised to Head Thaumaturge after Mira's death
  • Jael: thaumaturge for a special operative pack
  • Pereira: second-tier Thaumaturge
  • Holt: second-tier Thaumaturge
  • Bement: second-tier Thaumaturge
  • Tavaler
  • Gertman: third-tier Thaumaturge and Winter's tutor
  • Scalese: He is in Wires and Nerve Volume 1
  • Lindwurm: They are mentioned briefly in Winter

Trivia Edit

  • The thaumaturges in the series are known for being exceptionally well-trained in their gifts and can glamour their targets easily, something that is seen as "magic" to Earthens; the word "thaumaturge" in fact means "a worker of wonders or miracles; magician."[2]

References Edit

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