"It's an unassuming name, but also...powerful. Because of where she came from. She survived that fire. She was reborn from the cinders."

The Keeper is an novella in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It was released in the Stars Above story collection on February 2, 2016.

Synopsis yayEdit

A prequel to The Lunar Chronicles, showing a young Scarlet and how Princess Selene came into the care of Michelle Benoit.

Plot SummaryEdit

Michelle Benoit thought that what happened in the past would stay in the past. But her former lover Logan Tanner has come to Earth trusting only her to help him protect 3 year old Princess Selene from any more harm. Two years had passed since she agreed to help; without anybody coming to the farm but she always was cautious and made sure who ever did come to the farm was scared away with her shot-gun. Her days had become routine until Scarlet had run away from home to later fully live with Michelle. Logan returned earlier than expected to complete Selene's operations because of his fear of being caught he didn't use his lunar gift and is now going mad. Once Garan arrives they're ready to start the operations but before they begin Michelle gives Selene the name Cinder.


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