• I don't think that Queen Channary's death being caused by regolith poisoning necessarily means Cinder's dad lives in the mining sectors. Channary could have had multiple relationships or maybe have broken up with Cinder's dad, with the hints we have so far it could be anyone.

    But... we know that Cinder is has tanned skin that is even more tanned from working in the sun. and is asian/caucasian. Channary had tanned skin and was caucasian. We now have...

    Clue No.1: Mystery dad is Asian

    That is as far as I can go for now... if any other hints are there let me know. But this quest of finding a dad is very unhopeful because the dad doesn't even have to be included in ANY of the books. We may have to come up with our own character we made {which is not going to be very accurate} and it is going to be a long journey.

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    • I'm pretty sure in Fairest it said that Channary had met up with several lovers¬†in the regolith mining areas for discretion, but that doesn't necissarily mean that he¬†worked/lived there. It could very well have been a random aristocrat.

      Him being Asian makes sense, I always figured he was since Cinder looks Asian but Adri and Garan aren't her real parents. However Channary supposedly looks a lot like her, even without her glamour, so I'm not sure.

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