• Since Marissa won't write it, then WE will.

    What do you guys envision? Feel free to use the following conversations to strike up a fantasy wedding. (Remember: Be REALISTIC! No cheesy stuff and please adhere to the Commonwealth's traditions! So no white gowns or wedding parties!!!)

    - Design of Cinder's dress? Shoes? Hair? What about the groom?

    - Who would officiate?

    - When would the Coronation take place? Same day or different day?

    - What month?

    - Food?

    Don't hesistate to add your own (REALISTIC) things too!

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    • Oh fun!

      Design of dress: Lace, Off the shoulder, long sleeve, full skirt with phoenix design somewhere 

      Shoes: Red or gold silk slippers. ; Hair: Updo with two bangs in the front, framing her face

      Jewlery: Lots of it! Bangles, bracelets, drooping earring

      Kai: The same thing he wore in Cress lol

      Officiant: Kamin

      Coronation: Same day (more efficient)

      Month: July or August (possibly in combination with the Annual Peace Ball)

      Food: The food in Cress lol (10 course meal) --> the cake: traditional Commonwealth cake

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    • Dress: red, she was raised in the Eastern Commonwealth her entire life, this is probably what she and Kai are used to.  I love the phoenix design idea! :)  NO GLOVES, she's past that already.  The lace and off the shoulder are too much.  She is going to be representing the Eastern Commonwealth as a royal bride, I think she should go for silk and high collar, like the normal mandarin dresses.

      Hair: bangs are a great idea

      Jewelry: I'm not sure she would go for lavish but I think the chandelier earrings would be a great choice.


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