Unnamed cyborg refers to the male cyborg patient who was drafted for the letumosis research by the royal science team of the Eastern Commonwealth.[1]

History Edit

The patient's records showed that he had a son, but no mention of a spouse.[1]

He was turned into a cyborg after a debilitating work-related accident three years ago, spending most of his savings on the surgery. After he was being drafted for the letumosis research, he had traveled all the way from Tokyo to the research laboratorium in the palace of New Beijing.[1]

Recent events Edit

Cinder Edit

The cyborg was lying on a table in a lab room where on the other side of the window Dr. Erland was examining him. Dr. Erland initially wanted to turn him away, giving his age as a reason, but when his co-worker Fateen objected, he ordered her to placebo him instead and submit a report about it.[1]

Characteristics Edit

Physical attributes Edit

The cyborg has 6.4 percent makeup of cyborg parts, which consisted of his right foot, a bit of wiring and a thumbnail-size control panel imbedded in his thigh. The prothesis of his foot was covered by skin grafting.[1]

References Edit

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