Venerable Annotel is a nobleman and a member of the Lunar court and the father of Charleson.

Recent events Edit

Fairest Edit

Joshua Haddon is retiring, so Venerable asks Levana who she may consider as his replacement. When Levana mentions her preference towards Sybil Mira, Venerable expresses disapproval and suggests Parson instead.

When in a meeting, Venerable chimes in to express the potential drawbacks of the scheduled breaks in the workday initiative, citing that "in the past, there has been some concern of civil unrest when people spend too much time being idle and ... having ideas."

Cress Edit

Scarlet gets kidnapped to Luna and becomes the property of the Annotel household, courtesy of Venerable to his son Charleson. Venerable intends to use Scarlet as Charleson's bioelectrical practice dummy.

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