Wing Dataran is the head engineer heading up the Child of the Stars ship rebuild where Mech6.0 worked. He fell in love with Miko, and he appears in the The Little Android, a novella based off of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. [citation needed]

Character History Edit

Knowledge of Wing Dataran's past is very limited, due to the fact that he never appears in any of the primary works in The Lunar Chronicles.

He had been hired as soon as he graduated from the tech-university to be the head engineer of the ship The Child of Stars, where he specialized in spaceship engines. He also concentrated on internal design and mechanical systems.

Dataran fell in love with Miko while working on the ship. Miko is the daughter of Oichida-shìfu, the owner of the Child of Stars.

At one point, while working on the ship he falls into a vat of oil, and was saved by Mech6.0, which is the first time they have an encounter in person. He later worked with her while she was going under the name of Star, although he did not know it was her at the time.

Appearance Edit

In The Little Android, Dataran is described by Mech6.0 as having "pronounced cheekbones" and a "slender frame that suggested a particular grace."

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